Sensitive Antibacterial XL/XXL
Sterile plaster with antibacterial silver

For medium to large wounds. Suitable after minor surgery.
  • Sterile
  • Skin friendly, painless to remove
  • Large, non-stick woundpad with antibacterial silver
  • Reduces the risk of infection

Antibacterial Senstitive XL/XXL Antibacterial: Sterile plaster with antibacterial silver

Elastoplast Antibacterial Sensitive XL and XXL plasters are sterile wound dressings for the protection of medium to large everyday wounds. They are suitable after minor surgery.

The skin friendly and breathable material adheres securely to your skin, but it still painless to remove. The extra-large woundpad contains antibacterial silver for optimal healing conditions. Silver is recommended by experts for its broad spectrum antibacterial effect, which reduces the risk of infection. 

The plasters are available in two sizes, which seal all around the wound to prevent contamination: 
  • XL – 6 x 7cm
  • XXL – 8 x 10cm

The antiseptic silver wound pad is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and reduces the risk of infection.