The technology

The heat cells of the Elastoplast Therapeutic Heat Pads contain natural ingredients like iron powder, salt and charcoal. When the pouch is opened, the iron reacts with the oxygen in the air and energy and warmth is released. Salt and charcoal act as modulators and accelerate the chemical reaction. When the self-adhesive pad is applied to the skin, the heat sensation develops within 30 minutes. The heating effect lasts for 8 hours at a constant temperature of approx. 40°C.

How it helps

a. It stimulates blood flow: Heat increases blood flow by dilating the blood vessels. This increases the transport of vital oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the muscle tissue – a first step in the self-healing process.

b. It increases removal of metabolic by-products: Waste material created in cellular tissues and muscles is more easily swept away by the increased blood flow.

c. It relieves pain: heat reduced tension, soothes and relaxes as well as increases mobility.

Causes for pain

Muscle strain and tension causing neck and shoulder pain or lower back pain are the most common causes of pain. This pain is often referred to as musculoskeletal disorders. The modern way of life such as monotonous office working posture, little or no regular exercise and obesity lead to the increasing incidence of muscle and back pain.

How is it perceived?

Decreased blood flow in tight muscle tissue leads to decreased supply with oxygen and nutrients and to an increase in metabolic by-products. This stimulates the nerve cells to send messages to the spinal cord and subsequently to the brain. Once perceived in the brain, pain leads to various physical reactions such as muscle contraction, which worsens the pain.