How to give yourself a great pedicure – Ten steps to soft and well-groomed feet

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Easy to do in your home spa

1. Getting started

Get a basin with lukewarm water, a towel and all the utensils you need. Check if your pumices, nippers, scissors and files are in shape. Choose the shade of nail polish you want to use, get out cotton wool pads, etc. Assemble all of it so you won’t have to run about looking for things while you are inconveniently in the middle of your pedicure.

Store pedicure tools
together in one basin so they‘ll be easy to find

2. Remove old nail polish

We recommend you use an acetone-free nail polish remover, as acetone might dry out your toenails and cause them to crack or split at the edges.

Sinking deep into a pedicure chair may be the ultimate luxury, but if you want well-groomed feet, you can get the same results in your home spa! We let you in on the secrets to DIY soft and pampered feet.

3. Soak
Soak your feet in lukewarm water with a special foot soak or added oils for about 15 minutes. This is not only relaxing, but will soften your feet for easier removal of dry and dead skin.

4. Dry
Don’t forget the areas between your toes – they are a gathering point for dirt and bacteria. Dry them thoroughly and pull the corner of a towel through them.

7. Add some moisture

After all that work, time for some pampering: applying a special moisturiser will help to leave your feet feeling soft and smooth. Because the skin of the foot is much thicker than elsewhere on your body, you will need a product with effective moisturising properties. Take the time to massage your feet as you apply the lotion. This is not only extremely relaxing and will stimulate circulation in your feet, but will also help the cream sink in.

Now for the paintwork...

8. Nail it!

First, make sure to wipe the remainder of the lotion off your nails with a non-acetone polish remover. Nails should be perfectly dry and lotion-free before you apply the base coat. To keep your nail polish from smudging, slip in a pair of foam toe separators.


Swipe a base coat on to prevent nail polish from discolouring your nails. Also, give your toe nails a break from polish every now and then. Keeping them constantly painted may cause them to become discoloured, especially when using dark shades of nail polish.

Let each coat dry
for about 10 minutes

9. Paint away

Let the base coat dry for about 10 minutes. Then follow with the colour you love. A good way to apply the colour is to paint three strips of polish, one up the centre, then one on either side. After about 10 minutes, paint on a second coat, and follow with a top coat after another 10 minutes. Then let your toes dry for at least an hour. Slip your feet into flip-flops so you won’t ruin the polish.

Note: an opaque or dark colour will take longer to dry than a sheer shade, especially if several layers have been applied.

10. Keep it up

Finished! Your feet will thank you. And with a little maintenance, you can make your pedicure go a long way. To prevent chipping, swipe on a top coat twice a week.

Also, remember to file calluses in the shower every other day, and to use a rich moisturising foot cream regularly. This will prevent them from reappearing.

Add some pampering extras...

Even when you don’t have the time to go for a full pedicure routine, you can treat your feet to a bit of extra pampering every now and then:

Enjoy a relaxing foot soak for 15 to 20 minutes in warm water, while you're watching TV, for example. You can also add aromatherapy salts or oils to the water.

Put a generous amount of foot cream on your feet before you go to bed at night and then pull on a pair of cotton socks. The warmth will help the cream penetrate, and your feet will be baby-soft in the morning.

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