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Dr. Zoe Williams – Brand Ambassador

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Elastoplast is proud to announce Dr. Zoe Williams as Brand Ambassador

As one of the world’s most trusted wound care brands, we’re excited to announce that Dr. Zoe Williams joins the Elastoplast family as our UK brand ambassador. A well-respected TV personality and physician, Dr. Zoe is best known as ITV This Morning’s resident GP and has been a practicing GP for over 21 years, providing expert care and advice to hundreds of patients.


Combining Dr. Zoe’s extensive medical expertise with our dedication to wound care innovation, together our mission is to help educate consumers against common misconceptions, ensuring that no matter how big the bump or scrape, Elastoplast has got you and your family covered with the perfect product solution and sound medical advice.  

Dr. Zoe shares: “It’s good to know there are things in life that have got you covered. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Elastoplast, because their products are always there to make it all better – and they have been since I was a little girl."


Through our partnership, Dr. Zoe will lend her expertise and advice on key health topics including effective wound care, scar healing and managing health at home and on the go.


Elastoplast shares: “We are delighted to welcome Dr. Zoe to the Elastoplast family because we truly believe her knowledge and expertise aligns with our commitment to educate on safe and effective wound care.


This partnership is in tandem with Elastoplast’s brand relaunch, which includes exciting new innovations such as new Bacteria Shield – which blocks 99% of dirt and bacteria to provide further protection for wounds against infection, creating the optimal environment for wounds to heal.


To learn more about wound care from Dr. Zoe and Elastoplast please follow at:


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