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Dermatological accreditation of Elastoplast Sensitive

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Sensitive skin is more common than you think: 5 out of 10 people suffer from sensitive skin1. Redness, itching, burning or dry patches - depending on the skin type, certain ingredients can be a trigger. But what to do when the skin itself is injured and help is needed to protect the wound? 

With the Elastoplast Sensitive range, sensitive skin types always have a strong and at the same time soft partner at their side.

Elastoplast announces Skin Health Alliance accreditation for its Sensitive range

Skin Health Alliance

Elastoplast is proud to announce that its Sensitive range has been awarded an official accreditation as a skin safe product by the Skin Health Alliance.

Elastoplast is the first ever plaster range globally that is accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. The SHA is an independent body that provides dermatological accreditation to leading brands across the skincare and personal care sector, giving consumers confidence in their purchases with the reassurance that products have been independently verified as skin safe. 

Elastoplast Sensitive is therefore the perfect partner for sensitive skin and enables undisturbed wound healing.

Extra skin friendly for optimal healing

Sensitive skin in particular can be irritated by the ingredients of the adhesive and react with redness or itching. This is why Elastoplast has developed its Sensitive plaster with clinically proven skin compatibility.

Thanks to the skin friendly adhesion, the non-stick wound pad and the soft and breathable fleece material, the plasters furthermore prevent harm and pain during removal. Therefore, this gives the precondition for an undisturbed healing process and enables optimal healing of minor acute wounds. 

87% users state Elastoplast Sensitive is the best plaster they know for sensitive skin2

There is no need to compromise between reliable hold and skin friendly materials. The strength of the Elastoplast Sensitive plaster is the great combination of its 24-hour adhesive and its extra skin friendliness, which generates the optimal condition for an undisturbed wound healing process. Thanks to its strong adhesion, the plaster stays in place even when in contact with water while being incredibly soft on your skin. 

93% of respondents agree: Elastoplast Sensitive offers reliable adhesion3

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Accredited by the Skin Health Alliance