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Home, Safe Home – Take care of yourself and your family, from kitchen to garden.

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A safe space

Even at home, we need to take care of each other. That means being prepared for inevitable little accidents – a small cut as you cook dinner or a grazed knee during hide and seek. Learn to look after your family and yourself – keep calm, cleanse wounds, cover them up and carry on.

Quarantine is all about preparation – loo roll, tinned tomatoes, industrial quantities of chocolate biscuits... With our simple Wound Care Routine, you can also prepare to take care of most wounds at home.

The Elastoplast Wound Care Routine

Happy couple preparing food in kitchen


Cleanse: A clean and cleansed wound is the first step to optimal healing. Cleanse your wound from dirt, bacteria and visible particles with the Elastoplast Wound Spray to prevent infections.

Protect: The second step is to protect your wound from dirt and bacteria to enable undisturbed healing. Cover your wound with a plaster, sterile wound dressing or compress from Elastoplast.

Heal: The third step, you can help your wound to heal safely, fast and with a lower risk of scarring. Apply the Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment each time you put on a new plaster, or until the wound has healed completely. 

A little consideration and preparation goes a long way and with the Elastoplast Wound Care Routine and product range, your worries are answered with simple solutions.

The Living Room

Sat on sofa applying a plaster to an injured toe


Watching movies and listening to your favourite records aren’t obviously extreme sports, fraught with danger, but even while you’re taking it easy, little mishaps can happen. It’s simply impossible to avoid some small cuts and grazes, so make sure to have a well-stocked first aid kit at home. 

While you’re preparing for the next zoom call, considering your quarantine playlist or reading list, spare a little thought for the perfect medicine cabinet. If you’re wondering what it should contain, here is our suggestion.

The Kitchen

Man holding child while cooking


The kitchen is often the hub of the home – food brings people together. However, alongside the fun and games, the shared smiles and stories, someone is probably trying to concentrate on cooking – that means heat, sharp edges, slippery surfaces and maybe alcohol – just for the recipe of course. 

Simply, accidents can happen. You can take all the precautions in the world and still find yourself crying over spilled milk. However, if you’re well prepared, you can stay safe and focus on enjoying family time and having a full stomach.

Follow our advised Wound Care Routine and have the appropriate treatments to hand. Learn more about safety in the kitchen.


The Kids’ Playroom

Father with daughter on his shoulders


It would be a terrible shame to let play time be ruined by a small mishap such as a grazed knee from a tumble.

Follow the Elastoplast Wound Care Routine and your children will be able to get back to their fun in no time. Elastoplast Kids Plasters are perfect for protecting most wounds – you might just find your children inventing imaginary injuries, so they get to see the next cool design… Frozen or Marvel?


The Balcony or Garden

Young woman gardening herbs on her balcony


As city parks close and we’re shut into our homes, the craving for outside space – especially with the teasing arrival of the Spring sunshine - means many of us are balcony-bound or drawn to our gardens. Are you taking on a new DIY project, sprucing and shining your balcony or garden into a haven? Are you getting busy with your green fingers, curating the perfect herb garden? 

Though the balcony is at home – you are still outside! This sounds obvious, but the implications to keep in mind are important: if you do have a mishap, the risk of infection is high, and requires appropriate treatment.

The Wound Care Routine is the perfect starting point for dealing with small wounds you sustain.


Life Goes On

Young woman cuddling pet dog


Time at home might seem like the perfect opportunity to relax in peace. However, quarantine means isolation and that brings a range of new challenges – especially if little accidents get in the way of your DIY plans and cooking practice. We’re here to help with advice and treatments for small injuries so you can focus on your life, not your wounds.

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