Wrap around wrist support
Wrap around wrist support Elastoplast

Wrap Around Wrist Support

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Provides firm support

  • Helps to limit wrist motion and protects tender wrists 
  • For everyday use
  • Washable and reusable

Wrap Around Wrist Support

The Elastoplast Wrap Around Wrist Support provides reliable support for weak
or injured wrists and helps to limit wrist motion and protects tender wrists:

  • Soft and breathable materials for all-day comfort
  • Fits left and right wrist
  • Fits discreetly under clothing



  1. What are the most common sports injuries?

    There are five common sporting injuries:
  2. 1. Excessive strains

    A strain to the muscle or tendon can happen when the muscle is over stretched or excessively worked. This can cause the muscle to swell or fibres to rupture as in a torn hamstring. It may be painful and difficult to move or walk. Strains usually take one to six weeks to heal.

  3. 2. Bruises

    A direct blow to the muscle tissue can result in bruising or cuts such as in a corked thigh.
  4. 3. Tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon)

    This can happen after excessive overuse. Often this is due to poor equipment or preparation, such as in tennis elbow.
  5. 4. Dislocation

    This happens when a joint is injured and one or more bones are displaced from their normal position such as a disclocated finger or shoulder.
  6. 5. Sprains

    This is an injury to a ligament and is caused by a sudden overstretching such as in a sprained ankle. It may be painful and difficult to move or walk.
  7. How do I manage a serious injury?

    Serious injuries, such as to the head, neck or abdomen, need to be managed by a professional – calling an ambulance will usually be the first priority. Relevant first aid or medical training is required before a person can safely offer to help in the case of life-threatening injuries.

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Elastoplast wrist support

It is very easy to use and very effective. It's not to big so it allows you to continue with your everyday works without any discomfort. It helped with my wrist pain would recommend it to any one who would like some wrist support.

Great support

A great wrist support, not to tight but gives enough support to work.

Highly recommended wrist support.

The Elastoplast wrist support was amazing and made me enjoy typing and using my weaker hand more. the adjustable straps were amazing and easy to use. I have previously used a cheaper version and felt the difference in the support provided to my wrist. I am delighted to have been chosen to test it and highly recommend it. it does not feel heavy or bulky and is easy to clean and store.


This product has been great. It's easy to put on yourself one handed and easy to adjust the straps too to fit your wrist. The fabric is soft enough that it doesn't irritate your skin. Your wrist is well supported by this product and it limits the range of movement therefore protecting your wrist. It definitely helped to ease pain. The fact that it only sits on your wrist and doesn't need to be wrapped over your hand or fingers helps to make life a bit easier as there is a wider range of movement whilst supporting your wrist area.


Very supportive for my weak left wrist. Felt secured and stronger to hold up
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